Recall Department

Porsche Recall Department

Porsche is a high-performance, luxury vehicle automaker famous for powerful engines, sporty handling, and head-turning style.

Porsche Recall Department in Indianapolis, IN

Porsche promotes peak vehicle safety and customer service as an industry-leading automaker. Porsche relies on recalls to eliminate safety risks and improve performance deficits. Certified technicians with recall-specific factory training complete recall services according to technical bulletins in our state-of-the-art facility with genuine OEM parts if required. Continue reading to learn more about recalls, check your Porsche model for active recalls, and schedule an appointment today if needed at Tom Wood Porsche in Indianapolis, serving Carmel, Fishers, Lawrence, and Noblesville, IN.

Safety Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sets vehicle and roadway safety standards in the United States. Porsche commits to these standards and will collaborate with the NHTSA to investigate claims involving excessive safety risks. Porsche will issue safety recalls for specific models found carrying an excessive risk. Porsche will distribute notification letters to owners whose vehicles are involved in recalls and need to schedule service. Safety recall services must be completed at a Porsche-authorized dealership at no charge.

Porsche Recall Department
Recall Department

Service Campaigns

Porsche engineers vehicles for a top-level ownership experience, and they will issue service campaign recalls to improve performance-related deficits while advancing customer satisfaction. Porsche owners whose vehicles need service campaign recall services will receive notification letters with the pertinent details, including how to get the service without charge at a Porsche-authorized dealership such as Tom Wood Porsche in Indianapolis, IN.

Checking for Active Porsche Recalls

While affected Porsche owners should receive notification letters in the mail regarding active recalls, there are other ways to check on model-specific recalls. Owners can search the Porsche Recall Lookup Tool by submitting the vehicle identification number (VIN). We welcome customers to contact our knowledgeable service department team with Porsche-related recall questions.

Schedule Recall Service at Tom Wood Porsche in Indianapolis, IN

Porsche owners can schedule recall service appointments at the online service scheduler or call the service department when open. Getting recall service can be present an unexpected dilemma, so you might consider arranging home/office pick-up and delivery for maximum convenience. We have courtesy loaners available if you need transportation. Feel free to wait in the comfortable lounge area while we complete your recall service.