Whenever you’re looking for a Porsche car in Indianapolis or a nearby area, we hope you know that you should head over to our Porsche dealership. We maintain an inventory of luxurious Porsche vehicles that includes new and pre-owned Porsche models.

Just like we’re your source for premium Porsche automobiles, we’re also a resource you can rely on for answers to any automotive question you might have. And that includes questions you have about servicing your car.

Here are some of the service questions we answer on a regular basis:

·         Is it true that I have to change my oil every three months? While it’s often advisable to change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles for older vehicles, newer models can often be driven longer between oil changes. Contact Tom Wood Porsche and let us know the make and model of your vehicle so we can tell you how often you’ll need to have the oil changed in your specific car.

·         Why should I have my tires rotated? Rotating your tires regularly will help them to wear evenly and last as long as possible. If your tires aren’t rotated often enough, they will wear prematurely and you’ll need to replace them earlier than you’d have to otherwise.

·         When should I have my battery tested? It’s always smart to have your battery tested before you embark on a road trip. Even if you don’t have a trip planned, you should still have your battery checked out at least once per year. If your battery is 36 months-old or older, you may want to have it tested more often.

·         Can I schedule a service appointment online? Yes, you can schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Indianapolis, IN Porsche service center online.

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