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If you’re currently looking for a new Porsche vehicle in Indianapolis, IN or a nearby area, why don’t you look through our inventory of the latest Porsche cars? While you may know where to go to buy or lease a new luxury automobile, you might not know what you should do if you come across a road hazard when you’re driving.

Hazards can appear on a trip across town just as readily as they can rear their ugly heads during a trek across the country. Because you never know when you may encounter one, it’s vital that you know how to respond to a threat before you come across something dangerous.

There are many things a motorist can do to fall into the category of being a reckless driver. Texting while driving, weaving between cars unnecessarily, and driving too fast or slowly are just some of the things that can qualify a motorist as reckless. If you notice a reckless driver, let the person pass you and stay far behind the individual’s car.

Bad weather is another common danger on the roadway. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, slow down while going just fast enough to keep pace with nearby traffic. When precipitation makes the roads slick, increase the distance between your automobile and the one in front of you. Turn on your wipers along with your headlights so your view of the road remains clean and well lit.

Given the extreme temperatures our area sees over the course of a typical year, it’s not unusual to encounter potholes on the local streets. If you can’t change lanes to drive past a pothole, slow down and drive through the hazard slowly to avoid damaging your car.

To learn more about how you should react to road hazards, get in touch with Tom Wood Porsche today.

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