Do you want to lease an SUV that’s equal parts luxurious, capable, and practical? If so, you’ll want to consider leasing the 2019 Porsche Cayenne or the 2018 Porsche Macan. Whether you want to go camping or you need to run to the grocery store, you’ll be happy you leased a Porsche SUV.

As you know, you’ll eventually have to return your vehicle if you choose to lease rather than buy a Porsche car. While many drivers know that, not all of them know what they’ll need to do as the end of their lease approaches. In general, there are two important things you’ll need to do as the end of your contract draws near – you’ll have to decide what you’re going to do for transportation moving forward and you’ll need to have your leased vehicle inspected.

When you turn in your automobile, you’ll have the opportunity to buy your leased vehicle or another car. You can also lease a different automobile. If you don’t want to lease or buy, you can walk away from our Indianapolis, IN Porsche dealership without a car.

It’s advisable to contact your lessor about 90 days before your lease expires to arrange an inspection. During the inspection, a trained professional will examine your automobile. If the inspector notices any excessive wear and tear, the person will make note of it on a report. Once you receive a copy of that report, you can either repair the wear and tear or pay the dealership to deal with it when you surrender your leased vehicle.

The end of a lease is an exciting time because of the options that are available to you. To learn more about your options and the things you should do when your lease is getting ready to expire, contact Tom Wood Porsche today.
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